The difference between 2.55 and classic Chanel chain bag Classic Flap
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First, the difference between 2.55 and Classic Flap design elements mainly for two reasons - one is the bag in front of the buttons, square buckle or double C logo; the other is the shoulder strap, leather wrapped metal clip, or full metal chain. The main difference between 2.55 and Classic Flap, it is in these two design elements.

2.55 by Coco Chanel in the early thirties that is created out of the handbag design gradually evolved, in February 1955, officially named initial design, square buckle and leather wrapped metal clip. Karl Lagerfeld eighties helm after Chanel, comply with prevailing atmosphere worships money, make improvements to 2.55, understated the deduction becomes reveal the identity of the double C logo. Still later, the emergence of a variety of versions, that is, four permutations and combinations of these two elements, square metal buckle with a leather strap, the deduction is fully equipped with metal chain, double C clasp with leather strap metal, complete with double C clasp metal chain. I remember two years ago out of the Chanel 2.55 Reissue, is fully equipped with side buckle metal chain. Chanel 2.55 handbag History

Chanel 2.55 production process

Coco Chanel childhood growing up in an orphanage, 2.55 inside the maroon leather represents Coco's childhood, because the orphanage for orphan who wear the uniform is the color. 2.55 pairs of cover design also has its little mind, the above first cap in a dark zipper folder, there is a collection of his own love letters Coco place. 2.55 on the back of a small chanel replica clip that is used to store the change of Coco. Shoulder chain design inspiration also came from the orphanage, orphanage caretaker who was regarded a key chain with a similar system in his waist, Coco is a very deep impression on the screen. 2.55 rectangular buckle was named "Mademoiselle Lock", translated means "lady of the lock," on behalf of Coco never married, so life will be calling people to Miss Coco Chanel.

Eighties, Karl Lagerfeld will create an elegant understated 2.55 for success and status symbol - a modified version of Chanel 2.55, a lot of people to be called classic flap. Conform to the prevailing trend worships money, mademoiselle buckle loop replaced logo, more "swagger." Both bags the most significant difference between the appearance

Chanel chain bag is classic handbags

Chanel 2.55

Strictly speaking, Chanel2.55 refers February 1955 CoCo Chanel designed the clamshell package. Today, Chanel2.55 already refers to the 1955 Miss coco original models.

classic flap

But with over 1983 KarlLagerfeld Chanel, the new elements are continually added chanel replica 2.55 soul flourish. Sisters paragraph classic flap Karl took over after the 2005 commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the birth Chanel2.55 engraved version Reissues, and Chanel produced all metal chain shoulder bag clamshell. These bags are all accustomed to "Chanel classic."

2.55 and Classic Flap

A buckle: Classic double C rotary lock, then release chanel replica 2.55 with mademoiselle lock (the deduction).

2 strap part: 2.55 with a full range of chains, and the classic chain is leather.

3 2.55 a different type of leather used to make a retro vintage effect leather look more classic than cavier.

4 All reissues have the double lining, and Classic series, jumbo classic is not the double lining. Both bags interior design is almost identical 1, the lock: Classic is a double lock C; chanel replica 2.55 square padlock.

2, strap: Classic leather interspersed with metal chain; 2.55 is a full metal straps.

3, Material: Lafayette at 2.55 uses a vintage effect leather material, it looks more nostalgic than calf leather Classic.

4, size: Classic Flap Bag has three dimensions; 2.55 There are five sizes

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